CNG in Indore, Ujjain,Pithampur & Gwalior

The pollution level in the cities rose alarmingly due to buses, auto rickshaws, taxies and other modes of transport which were using petrol and diesel as a fuel. It was, therefore decided to use C.N.G for plying these vehicles, This fuel does not omit much smoke and is quite pollution free.

One of the solutions is to use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a fuel for Vehicles instead petrol’s. Natural gas vehicles are not different from petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles except that the natural gas vehicles are fuelled by CNG not petrol/diesel. And its mechanism is so simple; when you start your engine, the CNG enters a regulator that reduces the pressure before entering the fuel-injection system. The gas is then mixed with air and injected into the cylinders of the engine where it’s ignited by a spark plug resulting in an explosion which is used to drive the piston. CNG is not only good for the environment but also as for individuals there are other benefits. Using CNG is a new revolution which has economical, environmental and technical pros, yet not all people use CNG as a fuel for their vehicles for different reasons.

CNG is quite economical; it’s about third of the price of regular petroleum products, also people who own a natural gas vehicle will have some tax incentives; the government makes them pay fewer taxes as a reward for contributing in protecting the environment from pollution. Furthermore, the cost of maintenance of natural gas vehicles is very low in long term compared to others. From all sides, CNG is quite more economical than gasoline.

The main advantage of using CNG as a fuel is because it’s environmentally friendly. Since it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, as methane burns cleaner than petroleum fuels.

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